Peelim: What can you do with a plastic bottle?

7 empty plastic bottles with bright blue lids, shiny silver clips taken off the side of a handbag placed simply on a table


5 very curious ingenious children

= endless possibilities!

11.17 249

They banged them on the table, put the clips inside and enjoyed the sound they made as they shook them.  Ruthie showed me with delight the bunny on top of the lid revealing her great observation skills as it was all blue.

11.17 243

Jonathan discovered that if he laid the bottle on its side it would spin. Michael,  Noga  and Celinna loved putting materials , acorns and small wooden pieces, she found beside the table inside the bottle and shaking it

11.17 244


For 20 minutes the children explored these new bottles !

What was most noticeable was their fascination with making their own shakers and singing along as they shook them. Could we create our own shakers using different materials and make different sounds?   We will wait and see!

Meduzot- From The Garden To Our Table

Our class continues to expand on their connections to our garden visits and learning about how vegetables grow.  After reflection,discussion,research, and more reflection  the children now understand that some vegetables grow above the ground and some vegetables grow below the ground.  This included debate among the children about if there is such a thing as a carrot tree.  They learned that seeds grow into plants. They are caring for plants in the classroom and are observing a plant growing roots in a clear container.

After I observed many of the children enacting soup making in our play kitchen area I decided to create opportunities to expand on their interest in soup making.

In small groups the children  had the opportunity to cut and tear up many vegetables and pretend to make soup. They have shared that they have visited farmers markets with their parents. The children  washed the vegetables and tasted  broccoli and carrots.  Earlier this week,  our small groups noticed our pots,large spoons, colander, and assorted vegetables  and they decided to “make “soup.

Nir and Yuval explored ways to cut potatoes. Nir used a plastic knife and Yuval tapped the potato on the edge of the pot saying” it is like an egg”

Yehonatan used a plastic knife and , a wooden spoon, and then his hand to cut up beans and broccoli. He then put the cut vegetables in the pot.

I asked “how can we tell our friends and family how we made our soup?

Gali introduced the concept of a recipe and the  group made many suggestions about what to include in our recipe.

Jonah suggested that we mix the vegetables a long time.

Alexandra said “we need to mix milk and water to make the soup part”

Enzo said “we will need a bowl and spoon to eat the soup.”  He asked to get bowls for his friends. Jonah got spoons. Everyone took turns stirring the pots with a large soup spoon and a ladle.  They wanted to pretend to eat our vegetable mixture.

Naomi B. suggested that we cut the vegetables small to be able to put them on a spoon. She came to this conclusion after each child used  our special ladle to “serve” our soup and she used her own spoon to move the vegetables in her bowl. I asked the group ” should invite another class to share our soup?”

Ethan said “we could taste the soup and make a lot for our friends.”

We discussed that we could write a note to the other class to invite them to have soup with us.

Today, we sampled  a variety of steamed vegetables as our class snack made with the vegetables that our class prepared.They learned how to serve themselves using a ladle.

The children all tasted different vegetables and discussed their favorites with each other. Many requested a second portion!

As you prepare family meals in the coming week consider ways to include your children throughout the process.