Thanksgiving Post from Ora

This Thanksgiving I am thinking about how thankful I am to be an educator. Like all children, I was told by my parents that I could be anything I wanted to be, but now that I am older and wiser, I know that is not true. While each person can choose a field to work in and learn the skills needed to be successful, I truly believe that teachers are born, not trained. That is not say that all teachers should not have extensive training and continue learning throughout their careers, but in the battle of nature and nurture, I believe that great educators are born. Without that spark, all of the training cannot make someone a great teacher. I often interview candidates for a teaching position in our school and the ones that I am impressed with, I often find out later, have other family members who are educators.
I am thankful that every morning I do not lie in bed thinking about how I don’t want to go to work. I may think that I could use a few more hours of sleep, but I am always happy to walk through the preschool door each day.
I am thankful that every day there is a child that surprises me and makes me smile with some new wisdom. Children can teach us a lot, if we just listen.
I am thankful that every once in a while, a parent shares with me a story about something wonderful and surprising that their child did or said, and I know that the seed was planted here in our school.
I am thankful that I have a job where I can help teachers to be better at their craft, I can help children think more deeply about the world around them, and in any small way, I can have an impact on the life of a family. What could be more important than feeling like the work you do makes a difference.
I am thankful that every hour, of every day, of every year is different. Every year I have a new community of children, because the children who are returning for another year of preschool have grown so much, they aren’t even the same as they were last year. Every new challenge teaches me something important about teaching, about the world or about myself.
I am thankful when I see a crying child smile, when I see two children holding hands as they walk outside, when I walk into a classroom and a child runs over to me to tell me what they are creating; I am thankful for all of those small moments that fill my soul. Believe it or not, those moments balance out the hundreds of emails, a calendar filled with meetings, and too much paperwork.
In my position as Preschool Director, I have 181 small reasons to be thankful. They remind me every day why I chose to be a teacher.