Nesharim Siyum

It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful year! The children have been preparing for Siyum for weeks and we have been talking a lot about the school year ending and kindergarten around the corner. The children seem to be very excited, curious, and nervous about the mystery that is coming up. I have been collecting the tales from their kindergarten visits, though have not gotten to everyone and some did not want to share, but please see below for what we have so far.

Thank you so much for an amazing year and sharing your incredible children with us. This class is full of love, affection, and caring. It has been like coming home every time I walked into the classroom.


First I did a bear hunt to find a stuffed animal bear under the rocking chair. Then we drawed self-portraits of ourselves – our whole body and our face. Then I played with playdough (pink). Then I played with magnet tile things, like shapes, like hexagon shapes. We got this kindergarten toy and more toys in the kindergarten goodie bag and then we got a kindergarten calendar. The calendar was on the back, on the front there was this bear. Inside it was a coloring book, but I didn’t do the coloring book. I don’t like it, I love it. I like it a little bit because I’m not that excited to go because I want the same teacher my brothers got and I don’t know what teacher I’m gonna get and I really want the same.



I’m scared about kindergarten. I’m scared because I don’t know who my teacher is. And I still don’t know. When I was at kindergarten they said, color in the school house. I colored in red and the bells were yellow and I colored in the steps and the door purple. They said to draw yourself and I drew my dress yellow and I had long long hair like I have now. I made a new friend and I forget her name. I even got snack which were rainbow goldfish and water to drink. Then when I looked in the goodie bag, I didn’t have a pencil, then somebody gave me a blue pencil for my mommy’s house and a green one for my daddy’s house. The people that gave me a toy at wayside their names were Courtney and Lacey. I’m gonna bring my lunch every day. They gave me a t-shirt with a bog peace sign on the front and it’s a tie-dyed one and I weared it for PJ last night. Are you going to take the bus? Yup, I’m a little scared. It just gets me sick, the bumps. They have your favorite TV shows and movies on the wall. The kids made the pictures. Every single kid made the pictures. It is so cool.



 I thought it was going to be fun, but it really wasn’t fun. First, we were in the classroom, we got name tags. They were bears with our names. Then we went to another classroom and we saw the big TV thing they use for reading. Then they read, Brown Bear. It’s kind of like a baby book for me, but I just listened. On the smartboard there was a game of Brown Bear. We need to put patterns of the animals of the whole book. Then we did a craft to draw our whole body. A self-portrait? Yes, it is, but not just our face. It was pretty good. After the craft we had a snack. Do you know what was crazy? They had gummies for snack. You don’t have gummies for snack. Then it was over. That was the whole orientation.



Friends and teachers and toys. In kindergarten I played in the kitchen (cooking burritos). My mom and dad did come.



 I was like with someone and we were both doing it and I’m ready for kindergarten because I was doing everything the person wanted us to do. We got to play the cubes we got to use for bingo but you can connect them in different ways. Before we went on my tour, we got to go on our tour and we got to eat them. When I left, I was with the person I was with, I forgot her name. We got to go without our parents. The person I was working with got goldfish instead of fruit snacks. We got summer homework. When we were in the class we did self-portraits. We did a puzzle and in my kindergarten it was a number puzzle and number of animals. We were showing the person to read books. But we couldn’t read. So we just did what we could do. We got to do self-portraits with any color we wanted with crayons.


 The first thing was I went in and I drawed a picture of the blue sky an sunshine and I drawed myself and I drawed a flower. And then after we drawed, we wrote our names and we danced with animals in our hands. Was there music? Yeah. We went to eat snack and I ate a juicebox, goldfish, grapes, and an oreo cookie. There’s not much kids but I didn’t meet anybody. Did they read a book? We did a sunflower book. Was it the Tiny Seed? And we planted sunflowers of the book.


 My mom came with me. Then I drink water and then I eat goldfish and then I go somewhere to do portrait, to do me. I saw my face with a tiny thing. Mirror? Yeah. I use crayons. Then you play. What did you play? I don’t know how you call it. Did you play in the classroom? Yes. They read a book about a carrot seed. Then they give to use this sticker- “I’m ready for school!” Then they give to you the goodie bags. And then we goed to our moms and dads. What’s in the goodie bag? I played with Legos. I cut me (Cut out my self-portrait). Noam Krowitz TADA!


 I did a puzzle and that’s it. And I read a story and that’s it. I drew a picture of my face. And I also played a game to count numbers and I put bears in a cup. It was a fun day to be there. I want you to bring the book (The Carrot Seed) to read tomorrow.  





 There was a boy named Henry that I already knew and he had a big sister named, Clara, and I think she’s in first grade this year. When I went there I made a plant that I made and put outside already and I put the sign in the ground where I put the plant. I counted numbers there, But, a puzzle that you put in the numbers and take them out, it was harder because the teacher was speaking in French and everything there she said in French. So it was different. And I only knew what we were supposed to be doing because she showed it with her hands. And we went there without our parents. Like I got there and then I went to 2 tables and I went to the last table which was a t-shirt table. But then a teacher took us to the classroom that we were going to. There are only 2 classrooms in French that are Kindergarten. After I did things in that classroom but then the teacher took us back to my parents. And then we had a snack and juice box and then before I went, I went to see the other classroom. But you could have a teacher that she would speak French to you/ Do you have a teacher that will speak English to you? No. But, you could also have a teacher that also speaks English but she wouldn’t teach French to you. But, I had a teacher that speaks French to me and then when I left I saw the boy named Henry and we played together when our moms where talking. Henry said, “this is the baseball field.” I said, “What if it’s not, what if it’s a soccer field.” He said, “Oh yeah, it is a soccer field. Oh hey, let’s play soccer.” Then we played soccer and we put our plants down. It actually wasn’t anything it wasn’t a field, it was just the grass where the path wasn’t there and the path was from the school to the street. Then we went back to our moms and left. Then I went back here.  



 My mom was there and I counted numbers. I practiced letters – there were cards that practice. Did you have to read the cards? Yeah. Well I had to say the letters and the sounds. Then I got, I made a flower. Flowers on a tree. I made a sunflower. I think Nina is going to say that too. Did they read a book? No. Did they give you a snack? Yeah, animal crackers. I had to count bears too. Well, not real bears, that would have been really hard to count real bears. They were colorful. The last thing was coloring. Coloring a sunflower. And we had to walk on squares. And then we had snack. And then I goes home. Did you meet anyone there? I meeted another Nina. Then I went home and I played on the iPad. We had a show. It was magic. Somebody turned off the lights and somebody used a control that turned on the show. The show was the same thing as Nina. And I read stories. That is the end.



 I made a tree. Well I drawed it. Well I made the branches wrong. It was so funny , that I even laughed. And I loved making a sunflower. How did you make a sunflower? I made dirt and it was so fun. You made a real sunflower? Was it a seed? It was so boring when I was doing the dirt. It was in a cup. It was the first thing I did. I had to count all those bears. Did you have the letter cards? Yes, and it was so boring. Did they read you a story? They read Goldilicious. I had snack. They put a story on the TV. I saw a girl and she was touching every animal and they got sick. But, you know how they did that? At the first, I wasn’t watching so I didn’t know it was a show.