Dolfinim – Yarn Traps and Detours: Escaping the Witch Monster’s Trap

This morning, the children continued their exploration of making traps with yarn on the loft. They began trying to “trap” Ms. Allyson on the loft by wrapping yarn around her, leading her up the stairs of the loft, and then blocking the stairs with more yarn.

After they worked on this for a while, Ms. Allyson mentioned that she heard about a class down the hall who had also been interested in constructing traps with yarn. It was a class of 4 & 5 year olds. Would they have more experience with trap-making? Would they have ideas for us? After speaking with the other teacher, Ms. Allyson brought a group of 5 children with her to the Yanshufim class.

They asked the Yanshufim children, “How do you make traps?” The answers mostly involved using yarn to make a net that will fall on a bad guy.

We shared with the Yanshufim that we were trying to make a trap on our loft. Some of the Yanshufim children were Dolfinim last year, and were familiar with the loft. We wondered if they had any ideas for us. They told us they would think about it, and maybe visit our classroom to give us ideas.

Soon it was time to go to the playground. We we returned to our classroom a while later, we were in for quite the surprise. The first clue that something unusual had happened was that our door was shut. Quickly the children noticed a note on the door and urged Ms. Allyson to read it.









The children entered the classroom. “Uh-oh,” Nalyn said. They were all shocked to see our room was transformed. Not only was there yarn in the loft but all over the classroom. How could they eat lunch if the chairs were tied together? The children usually rely on scissors to take apart these traps but the trap was blocking them from the shelves.

Eli – I’m gonna take a detour

Noah – We can go under it











Some went over it and some went under it but one way or another they took their own unique routes to obtain the scissors. With scissors in hand they were hard at work freeing our furniture and removing the yarn obstacles from our path.

photo_1After a lot of enthusiastic yarn cutting, we had a meeting to discuss what had happened. After providing a quick recap of the events, the children became interested in the culprit behind it. Who exactly was this witch monster? Was there actually someone else behind this prank?

Riley – there is a witch monster. It’s going to eat us and we will run away

Sophie – he was trying to trap us with yarn

Daniel – actually, I think the people we talked to earlier (yanshufim class) did this

The class determined that whoever was behind this feat was trying to trap us. They declared that the witch monster / Yanshufim class had not succeeded. They proudly explained how they escaped.

Nalyn – She tried to trap us

Sophie – But we hopped over the yarn

Raphi – We took a detour to get the scissors

Flo – We went out early and the witch monster came in and trapped us. We had to take a detour to go over the yarn.

Ethan – I cut it and the trap broke.









The yarn trap was quite an interesting roadblock, but as the children explained, they were too smart to be stopped for long. Lacking immediate access to scissors, they had to problem solve. After some quick thinking, they found plenty of detours to help them get where they needed to go. We are excited to see how our experiences with yarn and traps can help our class explore alternative routes and find creative solutions to challenges as they arise.